Bistro Baffi

Italian restaurant

Authentic Italian With A Touch of Home

Love. Passion. Freshness. Family. These make the difference when it comes to Italian cuisine, and Bistro Baffi embodies these values par excellence. For over 13 years, our Bistro has been offering the true essence of Italian cuisine - the essence of a "home away from home".

A Story of Love and Passion. Dinka and Michael Vujovich opened "Bistro Baffi" in November of 2006! Chef Michael wanted to create a restaurant like no other. Where romances bloom and where family members can meet from miles or cities apart and hit it off as if it were your home dinner table. People would come from all over the town to try the freshest and the best food that you can get. Chef Michael and Dinka treated every guest as part of their family. They served nothing but the best food and wine to pair it with. The customers loved it!

A New Chapter

After 25 Years Of Service To Their Community, Chef Michael And Dinka Decided To Sell The Business And Move To San Diego. And Here Comes The Best Part Of The Story...

Two young and talented people came along with an offer. Jinal, a very talented Chef and Neil as a frontman with very strong leadership skills. Chef Jinal was trained by Chef Michael. She finished her training with flying colors, or as Chef Michael said: "It was never as easy to train someone before Chef Jinal".

"Bistro Baffi" was the best Italian place in Seattle and it will stay that way. Everyone can cook typical Italian dishes. But nobody can do it with the same dedication and passion of Chef Jinal. She now holds the reigns of Bistro Baffi, coming into her own with creative ways to perfect every dish - down to the smallest detail!

Though she will never sport a "Baffi" (curly moustache), her love and passion for fine food are blossoming. And she is leading "Bistro Baffi" to new culinary heights!